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Valérie Pommier-Budinger

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2016 Professor in Control Theory and Dynamic Systems at ISAE (Institut de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) in Toulouse

2015 Accreditation to supervise research (HDR), University of Toulouse

09/2001 to 2016 Associate Professor of System Dynamics and Control at ISAE (Institut de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) in Toulouse

2002 Ph.D. in Control Systems

1998 Applied Physics Aggregation (French teaching diploma)

1997 Ing. in Mechanical Engineering (ENSAM : Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers)


Design and control of adaptive and active systems : application to noise control, shape control and vibration control

Conception et contrôle de systèmes adaptatifs et actifs : application au contrôle de bruit, de forme et de vibrations

Design and control of systems for active vibration control

My work concerns on the one hand the design of active structures, mainly based on piezoelectric elements, and on the other hand the computation of robust control laws to control the vibrations in closed-loop. Experimental set-ups have been developed to validate the design methods and the control laws. For this research field, two kinds of applications are targeted :
-  The attenuation of vibrations in cases where they are harmful to the proper functioning of the systems, reduce the lifespan of equipment or increase noise.
-  The generation of vibrations to fulfill functions where vibrations can be used in a smart way (e.g. creating a vibrational environment for test purposes, innovative de-icing systems using resonant piezoelectric actuators).

Design and shape control of adaptive surfaces

As for active vibration control, solutions for shape control have developed with piezoelectric actuators. The main targeted application is the design and control of adaptive telescope mirrors. Another objective is active forming to simplify the manufacturing process.

Design and control of systems for active noise reduction

ISAE is working on acoustic treatments made of tunable acoustics resonators. An innovative system to reduce variable tonal noises has been developed and patented at ISAE. The application of this work is the reduction of noise in motors and turbines controlled at variable speed that are characterized by a noise spectrum with emerging and variable frequencies depending on the operating speed.

Robust MIMO control of mechatronic systems

In collaboration with Professor Oustaloup team from the University of Bordeaux, studies were performed on the extension of the CRONE control to multivariable processes. The applications particularly targeted at ISAE are flexible structures with little natural damping.
Other control methods for the same applications have also been investigated (passivity based method, structured H-infinity method).


Experimental Validation of High Accuracy Pointing System

Investigation and validation of a high accuracy line of sight stabilization system extending the capability of conventional platform AOCS with pointing performances compatible with GEO-HR requirements

Type of project : NPI ESA

Partners : ESA, Airbus DS

Start Date : March 2016

The on-going Fast Steering Mirror (FSM) is nowadays the most exploited device for beam stabilization and optical scanning purposes. It is employed both in terrestrial and Space applications (free space laser telecom systems, interferometric imaging). "High Accuracy Pointing System” is a joint study performed at ISAE and ESA in collaboration with Airbus DS. The objective is to investigate and validate a high accuracy line of sight stabilization system extending the capability of conventional platform AOCS with pointing performances compatible with GEO-HR requirements. The activities encompass the analysis of a high bandwidth 2-dof tip/tilt actuation system, the design and development of control algorithms, the development of a simulator, and the performance assessment on a hardware bench. The concept of the stabilization system is based on a tip/tilt actuator. One of the challenging objectives of this study is the control of the FSM in order to mitigate the vibrations which affect the pointing performance.

Electromechanical de-icing system based on ultrasonic actuators

In the context of more electric aircraft, design and control of low consumption de-icing systems based on pre-stressed ultrasonic actuators

Type of project : University of Toulouse

Partners : ICA/INSA, Airbus and Carleton University

Start Date : April 2014

Ice accretion on aircraft is a well identified problem since the early 1900s. It can lead to lift decrease, drag increase, thrust reduction, risk of stalling or even engine failure due to ice ingestion. Icing occurs both during flight and on the ground. It has led to many aviation accidents. Current strategies for anti-icing and de-icing can be chemical, thermal and mechanical - each with varying degrees of efficiency or environmental impact. The main idea of the project concerns an electromechanical de-icing system based on ultrasonic actuators (piezoelectric actuators) which should provide some significant advantages : reduce consumption compared to existing solutions, use only electrical power source, be compatible with any structures (metallic or composite). The concept that we propose is based on the activation of pre-stressed piezoelectric actuators at high frequency resonance modes in order to create ultrasonic shear stresses at the substrate/ice interface such that the ultrasonic stresses are greater than the adhesion strength of the ice in order to promote ice delamination and cracking. The objectives of our work is to understand the initiation and propagation of cohesive fractures in the ice and adhesive fractures at the interface ice/support, to give a methodology for computing voltages and currents of a piezoelectric de-icing system to initiate fractures, and to propose general design rules to favor propagation of fractures.

Some tests to validate our methodology have been performed in the iCORE icing wind tunnel of Airbus Central R&T in Munich. The video shows tests performed on a leading edge covered of glaze ice and excited at 22kHz, 25 kHz and 35kHz with different voltages to study the initiation and the propagation of fractures.

Active Flow control

Increase the aerodynamic performance of aircraft by modifying the flow with electromechanical or fluidic actuators.

Type of project : ISAE

Start Date : 2013

The objectives of the project are to design and control of active systems in order to :
- slightly modify the shape of lifting surfaces to increase the stall angle
- or generate vibrations with frequencies near vortices to interfere with them
- or generate high frequency pulsed jets


In the context of future aircraft, design and characterization through flight worthy PIV of a pylon supporting a CROR

Type of project : 7th EU RTD Framework Programme

Partners : Airbus, Aeroconseil

Start Date : January 2011

End Date : July 2016

The objectives of the project are :
- To design of a pylon (with active flow control) supporting an open counter-rotor (CROR)
- To characterize the active pylon in flight with stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (3C-PIV)


Hamiltonian Methods for the Control of Multidomain Distributed Parameter Systems

Type of project : ANR

Partners : Femto-ST, IECN, LAGEP

Start Date : December 2011

End Date : April 2016

One objective of this work is the model and control of coupled fluid-structure systems with piezoelectric actuators using Port-Hamiltonian methods.


Design and control of an active space mirror with piezoelectric actuators

Type of project : DGA

Partners : SAGEM, Nexeya

Start Date : July 2010

End Date : end of 2013

Issues tackled during the project
- Sizing of active systems based on piezoelectric actuators which meet requirements on surface mass, rigidity (first resonance mode) and deformation (to correct mirror shape defects)
- Optimization of bonding to meet the conflicting constraints of rigidity and deformation
- Control of static nonlinearities (creep and hysteresis)


Structural Health Monitoring of an aircraft wing with embedded piezoelectric transducers

Type of project : DRIRE and Région Midi-Pyrénées

Partners : LATECOERE, CT Ingénierie

Start Date : February 2010

End Date : February 2012

Piezoelectric sensors are widely used for Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) technique. In particular, ElectroMechanical Impedance (EMI) techniques give simple and low-cost solutions for detecting damage in composite structures. The originality of our work is to generate a damage localization map based on both indicators computed from EMI spectrums and Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) interpolation. The weights for the interpolation have a physical sense and are computed according to an exponential law of the measured attenuation of acoustic waves. One of the main advantages of the method is that only experimental data is used as inputs for our algorithm.

Reduction of variable tonal noise

Design and control of silencers with tunable resonators for reduction of variable tonal noise

Type of project : DGA MRIS and valorization project

Partners : University of Toulouse

Start Date : May 2008

End Date : December 2013

Acoustic resonators made of perforated sheets bonded onto honeycomb cavities can be used in adverse conditions such as high temperature, dirt and mechanical constraints but are selective in frequency. In case of variable tonal noise, the efficiency is limited if the resonators are not tunable. We developed a design methodology for silencer based on tunable acoustic resonators made of two superposed and identically perforated liners associated with cavities. One liner is fixed and bonded to the cavities and the other liner is mobile. The tunable acoustic resonators are easily tunable and the efficiency of silencer using this technology is highly increased.


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[2011] Brevet international WO2012EP01169 20120316 sur un Procédé de réalisation de résonateurs acoustiques

[2009] Brevet français n°09/05966 sur un dispositif d’absorption acoustique

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