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jeudi 20 avril 2017.


Space Systems Engineering Associate Professor

Head of TAS-Astro Advanced Master

Head of Space Systems stream of the Master of Science

Head of « Space Systems Engineering » stream for the ISAE-SUPAERO undergraduate program

Contact :
stephanie.lizy-destrez isae.fr
+33 5 61 33 80 97


Dr., Dr. Eng, Stéphanie LIZY-DESTREZ is Associate Professor, Head of program of TAS-ASTRO, ISAE-SUPAERO Advanced Master in Space Systems Engineering, of the Space Systems stream of ISAE-SUPAERO Master of Science and of the “Design and Operations of Space systems » sector-focused courses of the engineering program. Moreover, she is also in charge of the SEEDS Master (Space Exploration and Development Systems). She graduated ISAE-SUPAERO in 1995. She has more than 14 years of industrial experience in space systems, from design to operations. She has deployed an interdisciplinary approach for Earth Observation, Telecommunications and Human spaceflight missions. She was, in particular, Vehicle Engineer on ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) first flight. In July 2009, Stéphanie joined the ISAE-SUPAERO. Then, she graduated with a PhD in dual diploma from ISAE-SUPAERO and the University of Stuttgart, in space mechanics. Her main interests focus on rendezvous strategies in the vicinity of Earth-Moon Lagrangian point, and by extension in the N-body problem, in the context of Human Spaceflight missions.


- Space Mechanics
- Introduction to Space Systems
- Space Systems Design
- Introduction to Systems Engineering
- Inter-disciplinary applications
- Functional design : eFFBD modeling Systems
- Stakeholders needs engineering
- Requirement engineering


- Mission analysis in the Earth-Moon Three Body-Problem
- System Design for Human Spaceflight
- Rendezvous with non-collabrative target

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