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Monday 26 October 2015.

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Professor at ISAE in the Department of Complex Systems Engineering department - DISC and head of the team "Networks".

Also Member of the laboratory TéSA.

Ph.D. in Computer Science from University Paul-Sabatier of Toulouse.

Habilitation à diriger les recherches, 5 december 2008.

 Teaching Activity

I am involved in the first year course in computer science of the SUPAERO cursus which mainly concerns algorithmic and C language. I manage the course "Information theory : compression, coding and cryptography".

I am in charge of the course "Introduction to Multimedia Systems" (internal link) which presents an overview of information theory and compression algorithms.

I also present Error correcting codes and some satellite communications standards in the third year major "Computer science, Telecommunications and Networks".

 Research Activity

My research interests concern coding theory and computer networking. Recent works deals with erasure codes, cross-layer approaches and reliable protocols. Most of these works concerns satellite communications. Some of these contributions are :

- TETRYS protocol, which can be seen as the integration of coding and protocols, allowed us to obtain new results in the research domains of real-time video-conference and delay tolerant networks. All the latest news (publications, demos, projects) are on the TETRYS web site.

- Erasure codes
— "Because open, free AL-FEC codes and codecs matter" : You can find some of our source codes on openfec.org managed by Vincent Roca.
— Other erasure codes are developped in the ANR project FEC4CLOUD with our colleagues of University of Nantes Benoît Parrein and Nicolas Normand.

- Satellite communications : random access methods and optical communications.

- Involved in the following standardization processes :
— with V. Roca at IETF ( RFC 5510, RFC 6816 et RFC 6865 )
— with V. Roca and Expway at 3GPP : ( RS/LDPC codec )
— with CNES for DVB-NGH

  Thesis direction

Current phD students :

- Bastien Tauran : Interactions between transport protocols and reliable MAC layers for mobile satellite services, co-supervised with Emmanuel Lochin
- Jonathan Detchart, Analysis and optimisation of coded transport protocols for broadcast and storage architectures, co-supervised with Emmanuel Lochin
- Karim Elayoubi : Communication chains for free-space optical links, co-supervised with Angélique Rissons
- Lucien Canuet : Reliable optical satellite communications co-supervised with Angélique Rissons and Nicolas Védrenne (ONERA).
- Ahmed Amari : Definition and validation of an Ethernet 1Gbps ring network for critical enbedded systems. Co-supervised with Fabrice Frances et Ahlem Mifdaoui
- Karine Zidane : Random Access methods for satellite communications.
- Rami Ali Ahmad : Bidirectional reliability mechanisms for lower layers of satellite communications

Former phD students :

- Guillaume Smith :Enabling Private Real-Time Applications by
Exploiting the Links Between Erasure Coding
and Secret Sharing Mechanisms, co-supervised with Emmanuel Lochin and Roksana Boreli (NICTA), december 2014.
- Oriol Vidal : Next Generation High Throughput Satellite systems - Advanced Interference-based system techniques, co-supervised with José Radzik, october 2014.
- Tuan Tran Thai : Erasure coding for multimedia, june 2014. pdf
- Nicolas Kuhn : erasure codes and cross-layer interactions, co-supervised with Emmanuel Lochin, november 2013. pdf (in french)
- Huyen Chi Bui : Physical layer network coding, co-supervised avec Marie-Laure Boucheret, november 2012. pdf.
- Hugo Méric : Superposition coding for satellite transmissions, co-supervised avec Marie-Laure Boucheret, november 2012. pdf.
- David Pradas : cross-layer design and multicast transmission over wireless terrestrial, satellite and hybrid systems, co-advisors M. A. Vázquez-Castro and Michel Bousquet.
- Amine Bouabdallah : "Variable QoS/protection of Multimedia Data", co-advisor Michel Diaz (LAAS/OLC).
december 2010. pdf (in french)
- Alexandre Soro : "Erasure codes and header compression in networks". december 2010.
- Ali Mahmino : "Network Coding and Applications", november 2009. pdf (in french)
- Juan Cantillo : "Cross-Layer reliability in Satellite Transmissions", May 2008. pdf



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