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samedi 5 octobre 2013.

I’m a member of the SAE AS2-C committee on the AADL language. I contributed as a reviewer to the AADLv2 core standard documents, the ARINC653 and Behavior annex documents. I’m also the main redactor of the Data modeling annex document.

I use AADLv2 for both teaching and research activities, and contributed the following documents :

Part of my contributions to the standard are also implemented in two toolchains :

  • Ocarina toolchain, a compiler for the AADL language and associated model processor (code generation, gateway to model checkers, scheduling analysis tools, etc).
  • TASTE project to transfer Ocarina technologies to the space domain, with the European Space Agency, Ellidiss Technologies and Semantix.

For more information on my involvement in the committee, please see the AADL Wiki

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