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Jean-Charles Chaudemar

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Head of Systems Engineering Advanced Master Program

Office : 07.0101
Phone : +33 (0)5 61 33 83 68
E-mail : jean-charles.chaudemar isae-supaero.fr


Dr.-Ing. Jean-Charles CHAUDEMAR is an Associate Professor at the Complex Systems Engineering Department (DISC) of the Institute for Space and Aeronautics Engineering (ISAE-SUPAERO) in Toulouse. He holds a PhD (2012) and Engineering degree (1998) from SUPAERO.

Before being at ISAE, he was a consulting senior engineer for various companies. On the one hand, he worked on behalf of SILOGIC, for AIRBUS as an integration engineer for A380 development simulators, for ROCKWELL-COLLINS as an engineer in software quality assurance for the DO 178A certification of a Real-Time OS (Lynx OS), and for STNA (Technical Information Service for the French Civil Aviation Authority, DGAC) as an assistant project manager for the support and the deployment of software products delivered to Air Traffic Approach Centers. On the other hand, he worked on behalf of SEGIME, for RENAULT SA as an assistant project manager in Engine Control for CAMLESS vehicle project, and for PEUGEOT-CITROEN SA as an engineer in Engine Control for hybrid vehicle, dual combustion and electric engines.

At ISAE-SUPAERO (starting from 2004), he participates in a lot of training programs by teaching diverse courses such as systems engineering, avionics architecture design, diagnosis. In the framework of the interdisciplinary pedagogy based on projects, he also collaborates with colleagues belonging to other disciplines like control theory, computer science, structure, in order to supervise research projects on UAV design or distributed simulation for critical complex systems. His research interests mainly concern the formal modeling of critical control systems from the point of view of safety and security. He participates in several think tanks or research institutions e.g. AFIS, CCT CNES, GDR-GPL, Aerospace Valley, IRT Saint-Exupery, etc.


- Introduction to Systems Engineering
- Requirement engineering
- Functional design
- Avionics architecture design
- Aircraft embedded data communication buses
- Sensors and actuators
- Diagnosis


- Model Based Safety Assessment of layered architectures for critical autonomous systems
- Safety design approach for aircraft architectures with human in the loop (Dassault Aviation chair)
- Lean Systems Engineering Management for VSME/SME in aeronautics domain

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