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mercredi 15 juin 2016.

The general theme of my research deals with the characterization of the joint detection-estimation problem arising frequently both in passive and active systems of measurement (radar, telecoms, sonar, gnss) : the estimation of the parameters of an intermittent source of signal of interest embedded in a permanent noisy environment. This problem can be modelled as a binary hypothesis testing.
Under the framework of deterministic parametric modelling, the problem under consideration can be addressed progressively, in terms of theoretical and computational complexity, in two steps :

  • the assessment of unconditional estimation performance, that is without a prior detection test, by resorting to lower bounds on estimation performance,
  • the assessment of conditional estimation performance, that is including a prior detection test and leading to the characterization of the joint detection-estimation problem.

Extension of these results to a more general framework including random parameters (Bayesian inference) with application to navigation is the topic of my research at ISAE.

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