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mercredi 21 juin 2017.

 Who am I ?

I am Dr Damien VIVET, assistant professor at ISAE-Supaero.
I am a member of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Department (DEOS) and more particularly of the Signal, Communication, Antennas and Navigation (SCAN) team.
My research topics mainly focus on Exteroceptive Navigation for autonomous vehicles.

This website has the objective to present my main research topics and projects but also my teaching activities.

 Research activities

My research activities concern mainly signal processing and image processing applied to multimodal perception and scene understanding. Until now, my activities deal with autonomous mobile systems, traffic analyse and urban scene understanding.

During my research, I developed multi-modal perception for moving vehicle but also for smart infrastructure. These perception system are based on the use of visible cameras or infra-red cameras in both monocular and stereo configuration.

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 Teaching activities

My teaching activities focus on :
- signal processing (radar and GNSS),
- Monocular vision,
- RGB-D sensors,
- Probabilistic Robotics : Simultaneous Localization and Mapping approaches (SLAM).

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 Projects and fundings

- 2016-2019 : APR Centre LUMINEUX. Analyse d’environnement par caméra pour la détection et la classification des événements routiers.

 Students supervision

 PhD Students, Post-Doc

- 2016-2018 : Atrevi Fabrice
“Analyse de scène pour la détection d’événements anormaux par vision”

- 2017 : Debord, Adrien
“Navigation intègre et robuste d’UAV par fusion vision/GNSS/IMU”

 School Projects

- 2017-2018 : Espinoze Berard, Eugenio
“Vision and GNSS Data Fusion for Semantic Navigation : Automatic Object Detection and Identification”

- 2017-2018 : Cufi Prat, Francesca
“Landing on an Asteroid : Improving the motion estimation in reduced-gravity using a data fusion scheme”

- 2017 : Labari, Ignacio
“Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Identification”

- 2017 : Sutter, Louis
“Non-Instrumented Augmented Reality Navigation System”


You can reach me on the Supaero campus, building 7, office 194 (coordinates 43.56529, 1.47545).
Please contact me by contact me by e-mail

or by phone : +33 (0)5 61 33 81 36.

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