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International journal papers

[1]   A. Abello, J. Freixe, and D. Roque. Closed-form expressions for channel shortening receivers using A Priori information. IEEE Commun. Lett., 2018. Accepted.

[2]   B. Chamaillard, M. Lastera, and D. Roque. A flexible VHF-band aeronautical datalink receiver based on software defined radio. IEEE Aerosp. Electron. Syst. Mag., 33(1) :58–61, January 2018. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/19661/.

[3]   A. Abello, D. Roque, J.M. Freixe, and S. Mallier. Faster-than-Nyquist signaling : on linear and non-linear reduced-complexity turbo equalization. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Process., 2017. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/16212/.

[4]   A. Marquet, C. Siclet, and D. Roque. Analysis of the faster-than-Nyquist optimal linear multicarrier system. Comptes Rendus Physique, February 2017. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/17471/.

[5]   A. Marquet, C. Siclet, D. Roque, and P. Siohan. Analysis of a FTN multicarrier system : Interference mitigation based on tight Gabor frames. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Cognitive Communications, 17(10), 2 2017. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/17622/.

[6]   A. Marquet, D. Roque, C. Siclet, and P. Siohan. FTN multicarrier transmission based on tight Gabor frames. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2017(1) :97, May 2017. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/17852/.

[7]   T. Kanesan, S.T. Le, D. Roque, and A.D. Ellis. Non-rectangular perfect reconstruction pulse shaping based ICI reduction in CO-OFDM. Optics Express, 22(2) :1749–1759, January 2014. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_00962335.

[8]   D. Roque and C. Siclet. Performances of weighted cyclic prefix OFDM with low-complexity equalization. IEEE Commun. Lett., 17(3) :439–442, March 2013. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_01260517.

International conference papers

[1]   S. Mercier, S. Bidon, and D. Roque. CA-CFAR detection based on AWG interference model in a low-complexity WCP-OFDM receiver. In 51th Annual Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Syst., and Comput. (ASILOMARSSC), Pacific Grove, United States, November 2017. IEEE. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/19820/.

[2]   A. Abello, D. Roque, C. Siclet, and A. Marquet. On zero-forcing equalization for short-filtered multicarrier faster-than-Nyquist signaling. In 50th Annual Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Syst., and Comput. (ASILOMARSSC), Pacific Grove, United States, November 2016. IEEE. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/17615/.

[3]   A. Abello, D. Roque, J.M. Freixe, and S. Mallier. Performance evaluation of a faster-than-Nyquist system based on turbo equalization and LDPC codes. In Wireless Innovation Forum Conf. on Wireless Commun. Technologies (WInnCOmm), Washington, March 2016. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/15648/.

[4]   D. Roque and S. Bidon. Using WCP-OFDM signals with time-frequency localized pulses for radar sensing. In 50th Annual Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Syst., and Comput. (ASILOMARSSC), Pacific Grove, United States, November 2016. IEEE. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/17616/.

[5]   C. Siclet, D. Roque, H. Shu, and P. Siohan. On the study of faster-than-Nyquist multicarrier signaling based on frame theory. In Int. Symp. on Wireless Commun. Syst. (ISWCS), Barcelona, Spain, August 2014. IEEE. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_01260509.

[6]   D. Roque, C. Siclet, J.M. Brossier, and P. Siohan. Weighted cyclic prefix OFDM : PAPR analysis and performances comparison with DFT-precoding. In 46th Annual Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Syst., and Comput. (ASILOMARSSC), Pacific Grove, United States, November 2012. IEEE. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_00790006.

[7]   D. Roque, C. Siclet, and P. Siohan. A performance comparison of FBMC modulation schemes with short perfect reconstruction filters. In 19th International Conf. on Telecommun. (ICT), pages 431–436, Jounieh, Lebanon, April 2012. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_00688139.

[8]   D. Roque, C. Siclet, and J.M. Brossier. A low-complexity multicarrier scheme with LDPC coding for mobile-to-mobile environment. In Military Commun. Conf. (MILCOM), Orlando, Floride, United States, October 2012. IEEE. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_00723537.

French conference papers

[1]   A. Marquet, C. Siclet, and D. Roque. Analysis of the optimal linear system for multicarrier FTN communications. In Journées scientifiques 2016 de l’URSI-France Énergie et radiosciences, Cesson Sévigné, France, March 2016. USRI France. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_01290040.

Book sections

[1]   A. Abelló, D. Roque, and J.M. Freixe. Blind symbol rate estimation of faster-than-Nyquist signals based on higher-order statistics. In P. Marques, A. Radwan, S. Mumtaz, D. Noguet, J. Rodriguez, and M. Gundlach, editors, Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks, pages 200–210, Cham, 2018. Springer International Publishing. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/19819/.

[2]   C. Siclet, D. Roque, A. Marquet, and L. Ros. Improving spectral efficiency while reducing papr using faster-than-nyquist multicarrier signaling. In A. Pirovano, M. Berbineau, A. Vinel, C. Guerber, D. Roque, J. Mendizabal, H. Bonneville, H. Aniss, and B. Ducourthial, editors, Communication Technologies for Vehicles : 12th International Workshop, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains/Nets4Aircraft 2017, Toulouse, France, May 4-5, 2017, Proceedings, pages 21–32. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2017. Available at http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-_3-_319-_56880-_5_3.

[3]   A. Marquet, C. Siclet, D. Roque, and P. Siohan. Analysis of a multicarrier communication system based on overcomplete Gabor frames. In Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks, number 172 in Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. Springer International Publishing, May 2016. Available at https://hal.archives-_ouvertes.fr/hal-_01338564.

French workshops

[1]   D. Roque. La radio logicielle pour la formation : une nouvelle construction pédagogique illustrée. Workshop CNES COMET, February 2018. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/19821/.

[2]   A. Abello, D. Roque, N. Pham, and J.-M. Freixe. Transmission au-delà de la cadence de Nyquist pour les liaisons vidéo pour drones. Workshop DGA-MI, June 2016. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/15790/.

[3]   D. Roque. RALF : une plate-forme de radio-logicielle mutualisée au sein de l’université de toulouse. Workshop NIDAYS, March 2016. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/15600/.

[4]   D. Roque. RALF : une plate-forme de radio logicielle mutualisée pour la formation. Workshop DGA-MI, June 2015. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/13986/.

[5]   D. Roque. Modélisation statistique du canal mobile vers mobile à double diffusion. Workshop DGA-MI, October 2014. Available at http://oatao.univ-_toulouse.fr/10655/.


[1]    D. Roque. WCP-OFDM multicarrier modulations : performance evaluation in mobile radio environment. Theses, Université de Grenoble, December 2012. Available at https://tel.archives-_ouvertes.fr/tel-_00789990.

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