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Ahlem Mifdaoui

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University of Toulouse/ ISAE-Supaéro

Department DISC
10 avenue Edouard Belin
BP 54032 - 31055 Toulouse cedex 4

Tél. +33 5 61 33 85 90
Fax. +33 5 61 33 91 88

email: ahlem.mifdaoui

 Short VITAE

- Full Professor at DISC Department, University of Toulouse/ ISAE-Supaéro, Toulouse, France since 2017 (Rang A)
- Associate Professor at DISC Department, University of Toulouse/ ISAE-Supaéro, Toulouse, France since 2008
- HDR in computer science from the Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse (UPS) in December 2016
- Ph.D. in computer science from the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse (INPT) in December 2007
- Engineer Degree (i.e. M.S. degree) in computer science and air traffic management engineering in 2004 from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation civile (ENAC) in Toulouse

 Research Interests

- Real-Time Communication Protocols and Standards (AVB/TSN, ARINC 664, TTE, Real-Time Ethernet profiles IEC 61784, IEC 63439, ...)
-  Scheduling and Resource Management (MPSOC, Multi/Many-core Architectures)
- Performance Evaluation and Optimization Techniques (Deterministic Network Calculus, Stochastic Network calculus, ILP, Heuristic Approaches,...)
- Cyber Physical Systems Applications (Avionics, Space, Automation, WSN)
- Tool Support for worst-case dimensioning of real-time networks WoPANets

 Research Projects

Research Projects List here


  • Publications list here

 Invited Lectures and Talks

  • December 2018, Nashville: Presentation of an accepted paper on "Comparative Analysis of Scheduling Strategies for Heterogeneous Avionics Applications" at the workshop ERDN 2018 (Workshop in conjunction with RTSS 2018)
  • July 2018, Barcelone: Presentation of an accepted paper on "Performance Enhancement of Extended AFDX via Bandwidth Reservation for TSN/BLS Shapers" at the workshop RTN 2018 (Workshop in conjunction with ECRTS 2018)
  • February 2018, Erlangen: Invited presentation on "Buffer-Aware Worst-Case Timing Analysis of Wormhole NoCs Using Network Calculus" at the workshop WoNECA 2018
  • December 2017, Paris: presentation of accepted paper at CRTS 2017 (Workshop in conjunction with RTSS 2017) on ”Beyond the Accuracy-Complexity Tradeoffs of Compositional Analyses using Network Calculus for Complex Networks”
  • April 2016, Munster: presentation on ”Extending PMOO principle to (some) Non-Feed forward networks” during the workshop WoNECA2016
  • July 2014, Paris: presentation of accepted paper at ECRTS 2014 on ”Analytical Modeling and Optimization of Traffic Shapers in Avionics RDCs to Enhance Resource Savings for CAN-AFDX Network”
  • December 2013, Vancouver: invited talk about « A novel Avionics Acquisition Network Based on Daisy-Chain Ethernet » during the workshop « RATE » joint to the conference « RTSS »
  • January 2013, ONERA: invited talk about WoPANets Tool Tool
  • April 2012, Porto: invited talk about « Avionics embedded networks: challenges and solutions » during a meeting about « Serv-CPS » project (Time Ethernet Communication Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems)
  • February 2012, Berlin: invited Talk at First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Algorithmic Challenges in Real-Time Systems about « System level worst-case performance evaluation of embedded Networks »
  • October 2008, Stuttgart: invited Keynote about «Master/Slave Switched Ethernet for military applications»
  • Mars 2007, Paris: invited talk during Rescom days about « Full Duplex Switched Ethernet for Military avionics applications »


Phd Students

Post-doc and Engineer

  • Ahmed Amari: Post-doc working on « Performance evaluation of networks with cyclic dependencies » within IREHDO2 project (2018)
  • Miloud RACHED : Post-doc working on « Design and Performance evaluation of an alternative communication network for train based on Ethernet » within SYMADE project (2010-2012)
  • Leo Martel : Engineer working on the implementation of the WoPANets Tool project (2012-2014)

Master Students and projects

  • Kevin SETIAWAN and Renato simon LAWALATA: Master students working on "Cyber Physical Systems - dimensioning approach to validate non-functional requirements" (2018)
  • Fréderic Giroudot: Engineer student working on ”Manycore Platform for Avionics Systems” (2016)
  • Reddy Govindapur Ashwinkumar MAIPAL and Amruth MALYAVANTHAM: Master Students working on ”Simulation and Experiments of a Wireless Safety-Critical Avionics Network based on HR-UWB” (2016)
  • Bastien Tauran: Master student working on « GUI for WoPANets Tool » (2014)
  • Rachid Djorane : Master Student working on «Performance Evaluation of Avionics Sensors Networks» within SYMADE project (2012-2013)
  • Alkhasawneh Abdallah : Master Student working on « AFDX backup Network » within ADCN+ project (2008-2009)
  • Benjamin Lencou: Master student working on « GUI for WoPANets Tool » (2011)
  • Amady Diouf Faye: Master student working on « Optimization analysis within WoPANets Tool Tool » (2011)




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