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lundi 20 septembre 2010.

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Ireceived the engineer and DEA degree from ENSEEIHT in 1990 and the PhD degree in control from SUPAERO in 1994. I am now with the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Control of ISAE.


I teach automatic control at ISAE :

- first year : "projets avionique"

- second year : digital control of systems (slides, lecture notes)

- third year :

  • estimation, Kalman filtering
  • airplane identification

- Masters : introduction to Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems NEWS : tuesday 21 the course will start at 9am

More details here.



I am the coordinator of the Microtransat project at l’ISAE. Iboat, our prototype of sailing robot, is fully autonomous.

Learning to Flap

Flapping wing flight is a very interesting challenge for roboticians. Although pretty well practised by billions of animals, human are still trying to understand and mimic flapping wing flight. Our experimental setup as been design in order to better understand the process and try to do some closed loop control.


If you are looking for crunchy details about me, try [this→http://www.google.fr].

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