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Vsevolod Peysakhovich

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We announce the 1st International Workshop on Eye-Tracking in Aviation (ETAVI). Please visit http://etavi.isae.fr for more information.
The registrations are now open : https://events.isae-supaero.fr/e/etavi

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My research interests include

  • eye movements and cognitive pupil response in natural and virtual environments
  • eye tracking visualizations, in particular, scanpath visualizations
  • aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers’ visual behavior and strategies
  • virtual reality and its application to learning


Doctoral students :

  • Rébaï Soret, Learning in virtual reality via attentional guidance : application to aeronautics, 2018-2021, co-supervision with Pr Christophe Hurter (ENAC)
  • Patrice Labedan, Contribution of virtual reality to the flight simulation for pilot training, 2017-2022, co-supervision with Pr Frédéric Dehais (ISAE-SUPAERO)
  • Christophe Lounis, Intelligent cockpit : eye tracking integration to enhance the pilot-aircraft interaction, 2017-2020, co-supervision with Pr Mickaël Causse (ISAE-SUPAERO)
  • Almoctar Hassoumi, Gaze Usages, Analysis and Interaction, 2016-2019, co-supervision with Pr Christophe Hurter (ENAC), defended Nov 25th, 2019

Master students :

  • Jonay Ramon-Alaman, Attentional span and the Primary Flight Display : Modelisation of Eye Tracking Uncertainty, 2019-2020
  • Rébaï Soret, Attentional guidance in virtual reality, 2018
  • Jérôme Germain, The use of virtual reality to learn the checklist procedure in general aviation, 2018
  • Dennis Citralokam, Flight Crew Assistance through Real-Time Monitoring of Eye Movements, 2017-2018



E-mail : vsevolod.peysakhovich [at] isae-supaero.fr
Office : 13.115 (campus map)

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