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jeudi 25 février 2016.

 About me

I’m a postdoctoral researcher at the "Complex Systems Engineering department" (DISC) at ISAE.

I got my PhD at the same lab under the supervision of Patrick Senac and Emannuel Lochin. My PhD subject was the "Characterisation and applications of temporal random walks over opportunistic networks". It was funded by the "Becas Chile PhD program". I also have a Master in Computer Science (Programming languages) and an Engineering degree from Universidad de Chile

Today I work mostly on Delay Tolerant Networks, specifically on the opportunistic networks paradigm and its applications.

 Research Interest

- Networking/Internet
- Complex systems
- Ambient/Context systems
- Programming languages


Selected publications :

- Victor Ramiro, Dinh-Khanh Dang, Gwilherm Baudic, Tanguy Pérennou, Emmanuel Lochin : A Markov chain model for drop ratio on one-packet buffers DTNs. WOWMOM 2015

- Victor Ramiro, Emmanuel Lochin, Patrick Sénac, Thierry Rakotoarivelo : Temporal random walk as a lightweight communication infrastructure for opportunistic networks. WoWMoM 2014

- Victor Ramiro, Emmanuel Lochin, Patrick Sénac, Thierry Rakotoarivelo : On the limits of DTN monitoring. WOWMOM 2013

For more, please check out at : http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=SjijVVkAAAAJ&hl=en or http://personnel.isae.fr/victor-ramiro-cid/publications-374.html

  Contact information

- Email : victor [dot] ramiro [at] isae [dot] fr
- Tel : (+33)

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