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vendredi 27 juin 2014.

Tuan Tran Thai is a postdoctoral researcher working with professor Emmanuel Lochin on a project funded by CNES. He obtained his PhD in computer science from ISAE in 2014. The work of his PhD was under the guidance of professor Jérôme Lacan within the scope of ARSSO project (funded by French ANR) involving industrial partners (Alcatel-Lucent, Thales Communications, Eutelsat, CEA) and academic laboratories (INRIA, ISAE). Before pursuing his PhD, he received M.Sc. degree from University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in 2010 and Eng. degree (AUF program) from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology in 2005.

 Research interests

- Video coding and multimedia systems
- Network coding
- Congestion control
- Multipath transport
- Delay tolerant networks

 Contact information

- Email : tuan [dot] tran-thai [at] isae [dot] fr
- Tel : (+33)



Tuan Tran Thai, Jérôme Lacan and Emmanuel Lochin, "Joint On-the-Fly Network Coding/Video Quality Adaptation for Real-Time Delivery", Elsevier Signal Processing : Image Communication, 2014

Dino Lopez Pacheco, Tuan Tran Thai, Emmanuel Lochin and Fabrice Arnal, "An IP-ERN architecture to enable hybrid E2E/ERN protocol and application to satellite networking", (2012) Elsevier Computer Networks, vol. 56 (n° 11). pp. 2700-2713. ISSN 1389-1286

Conferences and Workshops

Tuan Tran Thai, Nesrine Changuel, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Frederic Faucheux, Emmanuel Lochin and Jérôme Lacan, "Q-AIMD : A Congestion Aware Video Quality Control Mechanism", In : 20th International Packet Video Workshop, 12-13 December 2013, San Jose, CA,USA

Pierre-Ugo Tournoux, Tuan Tran Thai, Emmanuel Lochin, Jérôme Lacan and Vincent Roca, "Erasure Coding and Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication" position paper presented at IAB/IRTF Workshop on Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication, July 2012

Tuan Tran Thai, Emmanuel Lochin and Jérôme Lacan, "Online multipath convolutional coding for real-time transmission", In : 19th International Packet Video Workshop, 10-11 May 2012, Munich, Germany

Tuan Tran Thai, Jérôme Lacan and Hugo Méric, "Error tolerance schemes for H.264/AVC : an evaluation", In : 4th IEEE International Workshop on Future Multimedia Networking - 2012 FMN Workshop, 14-17 Jan 2012, Las Vegas, USA

Tuan Tran Thai, Dino Lopez Pacheco, Emmanuel Lochin and Fabrice Arnal, "SatERN : a PEP-less solution for satellite communications", In : IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC 2011), 05-09 June 2011, Kyoto, Japan

Dino Lopez Pacheco, Tuan Tran Thai, Emmanuel Lochin and Fabrice Arnal, "Towards an incremental deployment of ERN protocols : a proposal for an E2E-ERN hybrid protocol", In 8th International Workshop on Protocols for Future, Large-Scale & Diverse Network Transport. Lancaster, PA, USA. November 2010

 Outdoor activities

- Raised money and rode for Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart in 2007 and 2008
- Half-marathon in Toulouse in 2011
- Competitive table tennis player at ASPTT Toulouse club since 2011

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