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mercredi 9 décembre 2015.

 Low aspect ratio wings

Collaborations : Institut Pprime (Laurent David), Caltech (Tim Colonius)
Sponsor : Fondation ISAE-SUPAERO

The flow past low aspect ratio wings involves complex three-dimensional mechanisms due to the non-negligible influence of wing tip vortices and, in the specific case of rotating wings, due to non-negligible centrifugal and Coriolis effects. These three-dimensional mechanisms significantly modify the stall characteristics in comparison to those of quasi-two-dimensional wings and are found to play a key role in natural flyers (e.g. insects, autorotating seeds). Here, we analyze the interplay between three-dimensional mechanisms and aerodynamic performance of low aspect ratio wings and show how nature can inspire aeronautics to develop high-lift wings.


 Unsteady airfoils

Collaborations : Institut Pprime (Laurent David), SilMach (Jean-Renaud Frutos)
Sponsor : SilMach

Helicopter rotor blades, variable turbo, highly maneuverable aircraft and flapping insect wings .

 Wall effects

Collaborations : ONERA
Sponsor : IDEX (ATS)


 Aircraft design & Optimization

Collaborations : TTT (Cédric Lefort)
Sponsor : IDEX (ATS), ANR (LabCom), DGA (MRIS)


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