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Research activities

mercredi 2 janvier 2013.

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My research focuses on the study of the properties of compressible turbulence in the presence of shock waves. I am currently addressing this subject by investigating the two specific configurations described below.

 Canonical shock-turbulence interaction

AVI - 5.6 Mo
DNS d’une interaction choc-turbulence cisaillée

This part is related to the study of the fundamental mechanisms underlying the interaction of isotropic or sheared turbulence with a normal shock wave far from walls. This is done by means of direct numerical simulations (see the video on the left) and theoretical analysis (Linear Interaction Theory).

 Compressible turbulent mixing induced by a Richtmyer-Meshkov instability

AVI - 6.4 Mo
Développement d’une zone de mélange induite par instabilité de Richtmyer-Meshkov

The second part of the research is conducted in partnership with the french Nuclear Energy Commission (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique - CEA) and deals with the study of the compressible turbulent mixing of two fluids of different densities arising from the late development of a Richtmyer-Meshkov instability. This instability occurs when a shock wave impulsively accelerates a perturbed density interface. The approach here relies on experiments conducted in a shock-tube and is based on time-resolved Schlieren visualizations (see the video on the left) and LDV/PIV measurements.

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