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Nasrine Damouche

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Currently, I am a research engineer within the IpSC team in the Department of Complex Systems Engineering (DISC). I am involved in the CONCORDE project.

I was a postdoc at IRT Saint Exupery, in the Embedded systems department. I was working on an incremental static analyzer approach to estimate the WCET applied on the Infinion tricore TC275 processor.

I was a postdoc funded by the LaBEX CIMI at IRIT/ENSEEIHT, in the ACADIE team supervised by Xavier Thirioux. I was working on dependent type system to check numerical stability in finite precision using prametrized gauge functions for dataflow languages like Lustre.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Perpignan in December 2016, on Improving the Numerical Accuracy of Floating-Point Programs with Automatic Code Transformation Methods under the supervision of Matthieu Martel and Alexandre Chapoutot. I developped Salsa, a tool that improves the numerical accuracy of programs based on floating-point arithmetic. Salsa relies on static analysis by abstract interpretation to compute variable ranges and round-off error bounds.

I received my Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, France, in 2013.

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