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Associate Professor in Applied Electromagnetics

Address : Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace
10, avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032
31055 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
Email : marjorie.grzeskowiak isae-supaero.fr


- From 2018 Associate Professor in Applied Electromagnetics (full-time) at Toulouse ISAE Supaero (France) on interaction between microwaves and plasma

- 2000-2018 Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering (full-time) at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University on antenna design for applications to healthcare (ingestible capsule, surgical instrument traceability, retinal implant)

  • 2017-2018 Bordeaux University (France) - IMS Laboratory (Integration : from Material to Systems) on RFID on flexible substrate with sensor
  • 2015-2016 Paris-Sud University (France) - GEEPS Laboratory (Group of Electrical Engineering, of PariS) with CRTC (research and thematic conversion leave) for a six-month period on RFID by inductive coupling

- 1999-2000 ATER (Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche) equivalent to an Assistant Professor on Silicon antennas in clean rooms University Institute of Technology at Lille University – DUT Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle (equivalent to a HND in Electrical Engineering)

- 1996-1999 Assistant Professor (part-time) at I.EM.N Laboratory at Lille University (France)/ Chargée de cours (equivalent to an Assistant Professor in Mathematics and in Physics) at Lille University – University Institute of Technology/ DUT Biologie Appliquée (equivalent to a HND in applied biology)

- Ph.D in Electrical Engineering in I.E.M.N. (Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologies), defended on 19th November 1999
Title : Integrated multilayered Gallium Arsenide antennas for 24GHz short range active antennas.


- From 2018 Toulouse ISAE Supaero
Teaching in first year at Master of Aerospace Engineering (Toulouse) in Applied Mathematics and in RF emitter-receiver systems and teaching in second year students at Supaero Engineering School in RF link budget and in miniaturized antenna for nanosatellites

- 2017 / 2018 Bordeaux University (120h) / Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University (72h)
Teaching in first and second-year at ENSEIRB MATMECA (Bordeaux) in Electronics Systems and in Electromagnetostatics (120 h) and teaching in fourth and fifth year students in Master EEA at Paris-Est Marne la Vallée (72h)

- Before 2017 Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University
Teaching at different levels from first- to fifth- year students at University of Paris-Est, including third-year students at ESIEE Engineering school and specific training for Ph.D students and researchers

Main topics :

  • Physics (Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Electromagnetostatics, Semiconductor Devices)
  • Mathematics (Vector analysis)
  • Electronics basics (analog, combinatory and sequential) and Electronics Systems (modulator, PLL)
  • HF transmission et reception concept, Radio-frequency circuits, RFID

European Courses in practical labs :

  • May 2005, June 2007 and June 2010 : Measurement of integrated microwave antennas at Rennes University
  • September 2014 : LF and HF design at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University

- Electromagnetism for aerospace applications : interactions between microwaves and plasma

  • Development of new source of plasma discharges
  • Invisibility

- Antennas using Additive Technologies for UAV and Nanosatellites Applications

- Electromagnetism for healthcare applications

  • RFID for traceability of surgical instruments (HF) or pebbles (LF)
    -  Inductive coupling in dissipative media, as sea, as body
    -  Detect a small tag in a wide volume
    -  Complementary multi-loops or resonators

  • Coils for ingestible capsule at 40.68 MHz
    -  Compact multilayered stacked ingestible coil antenna
    -  Modelling through a tissue-simulating liquid
    -  Inductive link as an attractive option for improving the lifetime of ingestible capsules

  • Retinal implants
    -  Stimulation efficiency related to the current distribution within the tissue
    -  Bio-interface optimization to improve resolution and tissue integration
    -  Material biocompatibility associated to long-term ageing
    -  3D wells with protuberant mushroom shaped electrode structures in their bottom implemented on a flexible substrate that allows the in vivo implantation of the device

- Electromagnetism for industrial applications

  • Study of transmission lines and filters in millimeter bands and Opto-millimeter connections
    -  Planar Goubau Line in the 57-64GHz frequency band
    -  Measured average transmission parameter of 0.4 dB for 3mm length
    -  PGL technology used to realize stepped-impedance filters and resonators in millimeter bands

  • First edge illuminated SiGe phototransistor based on the available commercial SiGe/Si BiCMOS technology
    -  Applied to low-cost detector or mixer in radio-over-fiber
    -  Edge illuminated SiGe/Si phototransistor provides a cutoff frequency double that of a top illuminated SiGe/Si phototransistor obtained using the same BiCMOS technology

  • Reconfigurable circular-polarized antennas in 5.8GHz RFID

-  Circular coplanar-waveguide microstrip antenna excited by a diagonal slot and the CPW open end
-  Developed for short-range communications or contactless identification systems requiring polarization reconfigurability
-  To optimize the link reliability

  • Current Ph.D student and alumni

- José Bruno De Araudjo, « Modèle et conception d’antennes adaptées aux drones », expected in October 2022, co-supervised by Alexandre Chabory (ENAC).
- David Morales, « Antennes compactes à base de Technologie Additive répondant à des contraintes en rayonnement pour drones et nano-satellites », expected in October 2021, co-supervised by Christophe Morlaas (ENAC).

- Pedro Gonsalez Rosala, « Development and characterization of new retinal implants », defended in October 2018, co-supervised by Gaëlle Lissorgues (ESYCOM/ ESIEE).
- Megdouda Benamara, « RFID traceability of small antennas : application to surgical instruments », defended in December 2017, co-supervised by Gaëlle Lissorgues (ESYCOM/ ESIEE).
- Emad El Rifaï , « Lossless lines, transitions and filters with silicon technology in 57-66 GHz band », defended in December 2016, co-supervised by Odile Picon (ESYCOM/ UPEM).
- Zérihun Tegegne, « SiGe/Si Microwave Photonic devices and Interconnects towards Silicon-based full Optical Links », defended in May 2016, co-supervised by Elodie Richalot (ESYCOM/ UPEM).
- Fatiha El Hatmi, « Conception of in-body and on-body antennas for therapeutic follow-up », defended in March in March 2013 co-supervised by Odile Picon (ESYCOM/ UPEM).
- Julien Emond, « Studies of passive glass-silicon structures in millimeter frequencies », defended in July 2010, co-supervised by Odile Picon (ESYCOM/ UPEM).
- Hakim Aïssat, « Design and realization of an antenna with switchable polarization, for applications to the radio frequency identification », defended in June 2006, co-supervised by Odile Picon (ESYCOM/ UPEM).

  • Master projects

- Theo-Delage, « Study of inductive plasma to realise new sources of plasma », 01.10.18-01.03.19 et 01.09.19-30.03.20
- Houda Khriji, « Optimization of multi-loop antenna for HF RFID detection in ARTIC project : Evaluation of the frequency shift », 01.04.2017- 30.06.2017
- Koffi Gbafa, « Detection and identification of submerged pebbles thanks to RFID magnetic coupling in LF », 01.04.2016- 30.07.2016
- Miyassa Salhi, « Antenna design for 13.56MHz RFID reader based on twisted antennas », 07.03.2016- 07.07.2016
- Farhat Kaabeche, « Realization of On Body antennas for therapeutic monitoring », 01.04.2015- 24.07.2015
- Mamiranto Rakotondraïbe, « Design and implementation of a 13.56MHz reader antenna to maximize volume detection », 01.04.2014- 30.09.2014
- Hicham Mesbah, « Broadband antenna design », 01.04.2013- 30.09.2013
- Mohamed Kharrat, « Dimensioning and measurements of RFID reader antennas at 13.56 MHz, according to rectangular and hexagonal geometries », 01.04.2013- 30.09.2013
- Emad El Rifaï, « Design of a tunable reflector using agile micro-mirrors », 01.04.2013-30.09.2013
- Karen Wang, « RFID tag design for surgical instruments », 01.04.2012- 30.09.2012
- Tarek Bouaziz, « RFID tag design for surgical instruments », 01.04.2012- 30.09.2012,
- Dino Di Rosa, « 60GHz broadband antenna design », 01.03.2009- 30.06.2009
- Kamal Chikhi, « Design and realization of an ultra wideband antenna from 0.5 to 2GHz », 01.03.2009- 30.06.2009
- Gwénaël Labobie, « Study of a broadband antenna (57-64GHz) for the transmission of UWB signals », 01.03.2008- 30.06.2008
- Fatiha El Hatmi, « Broadband antenna design for electromagnetic energy harvesting », 01.03.2008- 30.06.2008
- Sifi Errachdi, « Broadband antenna design for electromagnetic energy harvesting », 01.03.2007- 30.06.2007
- Cheikh Birahim N’Dao, « Conception d’une antenne fractale pour l’ultra large bande », 01.03.2005- 30.06.2005
- Kamel Nafkha, « Design of an single element antenna for satellite application », 01.03.2005-30.06.2005
- Stéphanie Bay, « Design of a fractal antenna for ultra wideband in planar technology », 01.03.2004- 30.06.2004
- Fariza Hamdad, « Design of a broadband printed antenna applied to ambient energy harvesting », 01.03.2002- 30.06.2002
- Marie Mathian, « Study and design of an antenna for an LMDS base station antenna », 01.03.2002- 30.06.2002
- Marith Theng, « Design of an antenna for use on a laptop », 01.03.2001- 30.06.2001
- Sébastien Gryniewicz, « Design of a high gain 40dBi circular polarized microstrip antenna for satellite link in the band 10.7GHz-12.75GHz », 01.03.2001-30.06.2001


Before 2018
I has been or I am involded in 2 ANR JCJC projects, in 1 European project, in 1 pluridisciplinary project (AAPI Projet Interne Santé et Société), in 1 CMCU (Comité Mixte de Collaboration Universitaire) project, in 1 PPF (Plan Pluri Formation) project. I worked on 2 collaborative projects between academic laboratories (ESYCOM and GEEPS).

  • Academic projects

RHEOGRANSAT (RHEOlogy of Non-SATurated GRAnular Materials)
- ANR JCJC ( National Research Agency for young researchers)
- Material Laboratory NAVIER and Electromagnetic Laboratory (ESYCOM)
- 2017-2021
- 208 600 €
- Conception of RF coil to improve the sensitivity and the Signal Noise Ratio.

LARGE (LocAlization with RFID for underGround pEbble)
- Collaborative projects between academic laboratories : Electromagnetic Laboratory (ESYCOM and GEEPS) and Geomorphology Laboratory in Italia (University of Sienna)
- 2014-2015
- Conception of reader LH RFID to detect and localize a tag inserted in a pebble by using a wide matrix multi-loops coil (n lines and m colons).

RESUME project (REseau Surveillance MEdicale)
- PPS (Appel à projets pluriannuels structurants de l’UPE) ; Laboratory ESYCOM, LIGM (UPEM) et LISSI (UPEC)
- 2014
- 10 000 €
- Wireless body sensors network to medical fellow-up : this preliminary work is collaborative between researchers in different disciplinary : electrical engineering, signal processing, wireless network and sensors, data treatment and pattern recognition.

ARTIC project (Surgery Instruments Traceability thanks to RFID Technology)
- Collaborative projects between academic laboratories and research agency : Electromagnetic Laboratory (ESYCOM and GEEPS), Material Laboratory (ICAM) and agency for economic development of health activities (Eurasanté)
- 2015-2017
- Conception of reader HF RFID to detect surgical instruments in operating room in hospitals, to prepare the tray with around 200 surgical instruments and to check if all the instruments are get back (sometimes, some of them are lost in the operating room).

Electromagnetic ambient harvesting
- Collaborative projects between academic laboratories : Electromagnetic Laboratory (ESYCOM and Faculté des Sciences de Tunis) : contract EGIDE n° 18521YK
- 2008 – 2010
- Provide the fabrication and characterization of the simulated systems.

Architecture of millimeter UWB receiver
- Plan Pluri Formation (LISIF (UPMC), UMS, III-V Lab)
- 2007 – 2008
- Conception of single microwave antenna at 60GHz.

Micro and nanotechnologies for ambient electromagnetic energy (Micro NRJ)
- ANR JCJC ( National Research Agency for young researchers) : ESYCOM, LIP6 JCJC’05 #54551
- 2006 – 2008
- Conception of single microwave antenna at 5.8 GHz and 30GHz to convert electromagnetic energy in electric signal.

Network of Excellence on Antennas (European ACE)
- Europ. NoE
- 2003 - 2007
- Preparation of Practical Labs (4 h) for Ph.D students, researchers, engineers, and technical staff (10 students per practical labs). 3 sessions at Rennes University (France) on microwave antennas, and 1 session on LF and HF RFID coil at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee University (France).

  • Industrial contracts

- Conception of RFID tags coils at 13.56 MHz (Start-up) in 2013 .
- Conception of airborne antennas for Internet links (AXESS1 and AXESS2) in 2006.
- Conception of UHF RFID system at 869MHz (STID) in 2003.
- Conception and characterization of antenna arrays (100 elements) in X band (ORITEL) in 1997.

  • Collective responsibilities in board and committee

Research responsibilities :
- Elected member of ESYCOM board from 2010 to 2013
- Member of committee for Associate Professor selection (from 2002 to 2016 at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University, at Paris-Sud University in 2010 and 2012, at Lille University in 2014)

Teaching responsibilities :
- Head of professional Master - from 2008 to 2017 at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University : Master in Télécomminications (equivalent to a highly selective ‘tagged master’s degree’ in telecommunications), reception of three hundred applications for thirty places, playing a critical part in recruiting university teachers and trainers. My duties include completing organizational tasks such as the timetable, exams and defense of training courses
- Head of international major with Damien Roque, associate professor at ISAE-Supaero- from 2018 up to now at Supaero ISAE Toulouse University : Space Imaging Navigation Communication (SINC) major of Master of Aerospace Engineering . The goal of the SINC major is to train payload design engineers, given the development of new platforms, such as nano-satellites and Cubesats. The disciplines taught will be applied physics, signal processing and also the network. The opening of this major took place in October 2019 with 9 students.
- Referent teacher of the PIR projects (Research Innovation Project) from 2019 up to now for the department DEOS (Department Electronics, Optronics and Signal) : 2-month project that allows students in the 2nd year of engineering school to discover the world of research. I have to make sure that the students are assigned to the projects, that the projects run, and that the organization of the defenses is as well. There are about 25 students in PIR project per year
- Elected member of IGM board (Institut Gaspard Monge) from 2012 to 2018 at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University

Workshop organizer :
- Member of organizing committee for International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring in Paris in 2008.
- Local Arrangement Chair of organizing committee for International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems in Bordeaux in 2018.

  • 5 participations as examiner in Ph.D defenses from 2008

- Anthony Ghiotto, « Conception d’antennes de tags rfid uhf, application à la réalisation par jet de matière », November 2008, National Polytechnic Institute at Grenoble, France.
- Imen Sfar, « Etude d’un Système de Localisation des Signaux RF à base d’un Circuit Cinq-Port », June 2013, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis.
- Abdelhatif El Fellahi, « Conception et réalisation d’une instrumentation adaptée à la mesure de hautes impédances dans le domaine des micro-ondes », Avril 2014, Université de Lille, France.
- Ahcine Safraou, « Conception d’une solution RFID UHF pour l’optimisation de la logistique de bouteilles métalliques », April 2018, Sorbonne Université, France
- Tianjun LIN, « Investigation of microwave imaging and local dielectric characterization of materials by using a homemade interferometer-based near-field microwave microscope”, April 2018, Université de Lille, France

  • Seminar Organization

- Sebastian Wagner, Laboratory for High Frequency Engineering Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS-A), Germany, "Mixed-Mode Network Analysis for Characterization of Differential Devices", on 28th May 2015
- Franz G. Aletsee, Laboratory for High Frequency Engineering, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS-A), Germany, "An Amateur Radio Station for Teaching RF and Communications Engineering at the UAS Augsburg", on 28th May 2015
- Prof Reinhart Stolle, Hochschule Augsburg, Allemagne "Radar d’imagerie avec un réseau d’antennes comptant peu d’éléments", on 2nd July 2015

  • Referees as reviewers for Journal Papers

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification, IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, Sensors MDPI and Progress in Electromagnetics Research

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