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vendredi 10 avril 2009.

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 Transition of inhomogeneous flows

The mixing process in shear flows strongly depends on strirring coherent structures resulting from the growth of unstable modes. We address this issue when fluid densities are highly contrasted and inertia differentials bias the otherwise homogeneous situation. We carry out linear stability analyses starting from plane mixing layers towards round jets.

 Vortex dynamics in inhomogeneous flows

Vortex dynamics plays a key role in aeronautical as well as geophysical flows. It deals with the behaviour of eddies considered as the elementary bricks of fully developped turbulence. We address vortex stability and binary interaction (2 vortices) with vorticity baroclinic production due to density variations. The expected outcomes of this research are the mixing promotion and the reduction of the lifetime of aircraft trailing vortices.

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