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jeudi 9 janvier 2014.

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 Thermodynamics - 1st year

This is the first course for the students within the Fluid Mechanics unit. It starts with fundamental Thermodynamics including the first and second laws of Thermodynamics for both open and closed systems, the presentation of the most important cycles (Carnot, Brayton, Rankine…), the model of ideal gaz, phase transitions and mixings. This first part is aimed at giving the students the background necessary for the aeronautical propulsion course given just after by my colleague Nicolas Binder and whose objective is the understanding of the main features of aeronautical propulsion systems. Finally, the course ends with an overview of the different modes of heat transfers (conduction, convection and radiation). Moodle link to this course

 Physics of Turbulence - 3rd year

Within this optional course where Laurent Joly deals with the modelling of free and near-wall turbulence, I give a series of introduction lectures to the physics of turbulence. It starts with fundamental notions and the statistical treatment of turbulence. Then, it continues with the two-point correlation theory and the spectral approach which enables the derivation of Kolmogorov spectrum. Moodle link to this course

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