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Certificate in Earth Observation & Applications

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The Certificate in Earth Observation & Application is a 4-week programme that focusses on EO applications.

Target : NGOs, EndUsers, Scientists, International Agencies, Politics, Managers, etc

Each week is dedicated to one specific topic :

Week 1- EO-related Observation Systems : Introduction to Earth Observation Systems, Satellite System, Payloads & Sensors, Mission Analysis & Image Quality, Ground Station, Clouds & Data, Image Processing & Data Analysis…

Week 2 - Science, Environnemental, Social & Political Issues : EO & COP on Climate Change, Earth Science (Climatology & Glaciology, Oceanography, Forests & Vegetations, Hydrology & Water Cycle, Atmosphere & Meteorology), Sustainable Development, Natural Disasters, Humanitarian Issues…

Week 3 - Services, Business & Law : Business in EO, New Space & Newcomers, Law in Earth Observation, Geographical Information Systems, Applications (Forest Management, Agriculture, Oil, Gas & Mining, Coastal Issues, Civil Surveillance…), Focus on Copernicus Program, EO for Local Authorities…

Week 4 : Intelligence & International Issues : Geo-Intelligence, International & Strategic Issues, EO & Political Issues, National Space Policies…

 ERSOS Partner

This certificate is sponsored by Thales-Alenia-Space

 Contact & Information

Head of Program : [Prof. Emmanuel Zenou]

 Admission : [Marie Jentet]

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