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Damien Vivet

Research activities

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 My research activities

My research topics mainly focus on Exteroceptive Navigation and scene understanding for autonomous vehicles or pedestrians.

I worked on various thematics such as :
- Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)
- Detection and Tracking of Mobile Objects (DATMO)
- Scene understanding
- Rare event detection
- Augmented reality
- Estimation and multimodal data fusion

I try in each project to apply all of these work on real data with the development of prototypes.

 Some results :

Augmented reality application : accurate localisation of a camera with reference to a known pattern with the real-time display of a real ephemeris for the GPS constellation.

3D Lidar / IMU / GNSS hybridization for 3D map reconstruction of the ISAE-SUPAERO campus

N-camera based SLAM hybridized with GNSS signals.

Rare event or abnormal event detection


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