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Damien Roque

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Associate professor at the institut supérieur de l’aéronautique et de l’espace (ISAE-Supaero), member of electronics, optronics and signal department (DEOS). My research takes place in the signal, communication, antennas and navigation (SCAN) team.

Ph.D. in signal processing and telecommunications (Université de Grenoble, 2012), qualified in 61th section. Engineer in telecommunications and networks (TELECOM Bretagne, 2009).

 Research activities

My research topics are mainly in the field of high throughput secured communications. In particular :

  • “faster-than-Nyquist” transmission techniques (interference mitigation, synchronization...) ;
  • multicarrier modulations over mobile radio channels (pulse shapes optimization, equalization, radar processing...).

Various applications are targeted : satellite broadcasting, aeronautical communications, terrestrial cellular and ad-hoc networks...

GIF - 52.9 ko
Illustration of the increase of the signaling rate beyond the Nyquist criterion. A sinc-shaped signal with constant bandwidth B is plotted in time and in frequency. Notice that intersymbol interference (ISI) appears when the density is greater than one.

 Teaching activities

Signal processing (with E. Chaumette and S. Bidon),

Supaero, 1st and 2nd year.

Elementary signal processing tools such as spectral analysis, filter design, random processes, estimation are introduced through practical work sessions (e.g., building an FM receiver, processing radar signals...).

Introduction to radio-communication (with R. Pascaud),

Supaero, 2nd year.

We present the building blocks of a radio transceiver, including antennas, radio-frequency electronics and fundamentals of digital communications (linear modulations over AWGN channels).

Cybersecurity and electronic warfare (with Y. Bachy),

Supaero, 2nd year (elective unit).

Applications, network and physical layer security aspects are addressed. Several practical work sessions allow to dive into a wide variety of subjects.

Student research projects,

Supaero, 2nd year.

One or more projects are proposed each year in the field of signal processing for digital communications. They are usually related to ongoing research topics (e.g., blind synchronization algorithms for multicarrier signals...).

Digital communications,

Supaero, 3rd year.

Common tools of signal processing are reviewed and used in order to present bases of digital communications. Advanced aspects such as synchronization. Several practical work sessions are proposed along with SDR examples : simulation of a linear transmission over AWGN channel, Costas 1st order synchronization loop, Gardner 2nd order timing loop.

Transmission over frequency selective channels,

Research Master TAST,

Frequency selective channels are modeled and several fading mitigation techniques are presented : single-carrier equalization, CP-OFDM with single-tap per sub-channel equalization, DSSS... Practical work includes the simulation of a CP-OFDM system over a multipath channel.

Aeronautical communications,

Research Master TAST

Signal processing aspects of aeronautical communications are developed. It includes mobile radio channel modeling in VHF/UHF bands, analog voice modulations (amplitude, frequency), digital transmission systems (ACARS, VDL 2). A real voice transmission system is finally built thanks to SDR transceivers.


Here is list of supervised students, since 2014...


  • N. Jimenez Diaz, MSc candidate, Blind synchronization using neural networks, funded by ISAE Supaero, from UPC/ETSETB, 2018. Co-supervised with M. Benammar.
  • S. Mercier, Ph.D. candidate, Radar Sensing and Information Transmission with a Single Waveform (RADCOM), funded by DGA/MRIS and Thalès Systèmes Aéroportés, from PHELMA, 2017-2020. Co-supervised with S. Bidon.
  • A. Abelló, Ph.D. candidate, Adaptive Faster-Than-Nyquist Techniques for Satellite Communications, funded by Eutelsat and DGA/MRIS, hosted at ISAE Supaero (Toulouse) and Eutelsat (Paris), co-supervised by J. Lacan (ISAE), J.M. Freixe (Eutelsat) and N. Pham (Eutelsat), from ISAE Supaero and UPC/ETSETB, 2015-2018.


  • A. Marquet, Ph.D. canditate, Faster-Than-Nyquist Transmission over Mobile Radio Channels, funded by the French Ministry of Education, hosted at GIPSA-lab and ISAE Supaero, from TELECOM Bretagne, co-supervised by L. Ros (GIPSA-lab) and C. Siclet (GIPSA-lab), 2014-2017.
  • A. Pirovano, Dipl.-Ing. candidate, Design of a VHF Datalink Mode 2 Receiver Based on Software Defined Radio, funded by ISAE Supaero, from PHELMA, 2016.
  • N. Doronzo, Dipl.-Ing. candidate, Processing of ACARS Messages Thanks to Software Defined Radio Receiver, funded by ISAE Supaero, from ENSIMAG and Politecnico di Torino, 2014.
  • J. Charbonneau, Dipl.-Ing. candidate, Building a GNSS Receiver Based on Software Defined Radio, funded by ISAE Supaero, from ENSEEIHT, 2014.


You can reach me on the Supaero campus, building 7, office 1107 (coordinates 43.565233, 1.475407), contact me by e-mail, or by phone : +33 (0)5 61 33 83 56.

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